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Scripture Scouts Family Proclamation

Audio Sample in mp3 format
Imagining Galilee

Song Samples (taken from over an hour's worth of music)


Hooray for Babies

Making Promises

One Thing We Know for Sure

Jesus is His name

When I Meet My Savior


Scripture Scouts: Musical Adventures on the Family Proclamation
Make bedtime and drivetime fun and spiritually-nourishing!

2 CDs, Approx. running time 140 mins.

What are people saying about Scripture Scouts?

Climb aboard! Avast ye Scripture Scouts! Boo, the unpredictable bassett hound, and his three new friends, Jen, Benny, and little Babs, meet at the beach for a family reunion such as they've never imagined before. It begins with the discovery of a very special treasure map, the Proclamation on the Family.

Here are thirty-nine sparkling new songs in six adventures that capture the sensitivity, wit, imagination, and fun that multitudes of little Scripture Scouts (and their adults) have loved for decades.

The powerful truths of the Proclamation, in the language of children, come at a crucial time, when the value and eternal meaning of family is being challenged from all sides.

So "come on a journey, and we'll have a ball! You're part of the biggest, most wonderful family of all!"

"The Scripture Scouts tapes and CDs have made a lasting contribution to our family culture. My grandchildren have thoroughly enjoyed them." -Stephen R. Covey

"The Scripture Scouts instilled a love for the scriptures in our little children that has lasted a lifetime." -Linda and Richard Eyre

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